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Tea Infuser
Tea Infuser
Tea Infuser
Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser

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In need of a healthy cup of Tea? Yealthy provides you with this awesome Tea infuser! It becomes clear to more and more people that a fresh cup of tea is a lot healthier for you than a cup of coffee. That is why we want to step it up another notch.

Stop using the processed tea and start using fresh ingredients picked by your own hand for the best and personalized cup of tea. The cleverly designed infuser allows you to measure, swirl and steep your favorite tea neatly and without messy tea leaves in your cup. And, the handy built-in plunger is great for pressing teas to release more flavor.

If you're feeling creative, why not add a little cinnamon stick, orange peel, fresh mint or cardamom to the Tea infuser along with the tea of your choice? 

  • Material: Plastic
  • Name: Tea Infuser
  • Size: 18*4*2cm
  • Weight: about 25g




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